Learn How to Become a Movie Extra

What is a Movie Extra?

Movies and television shows very often use people like props to create a background which seems like a real environment. The people who are needed to participate in such roles are known as background actors, background performers or most commonly movie extras. Movie extras are used in an attempt to make scenes in films and TV show appear fuller, richer and natural.

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You Can be a Movie Extra

There's absolutely no question about it - if you'd like to appear in a movie or be seen on TV, you can. No matter what type of film - action & adventure, drama, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror - all will need dozens if not hundreds of movie extras. What's so great about being a movie extra is that jobs are easy to find since looks don't matter, education doesn't matter and your age doesn't matter.

Movie Extra – The Easiest Road to Hollywood

Are you interested in becoming a movie extra? The steps to being movie extras are very easy and with some knowledge about movies, you can easily become a part of the glitter brigade.

Fun Part-time Job for Seniors and Retirees

As a retiree drawing Social Security benefits, the fun I'm having as a "background actor" (aka "movie extra") beats everything else I've experienced since quitting the real estate business twelve years ago. Since the late 1990s, I've walked across the sets of dozens of television sitcoms, commercials and movies. That's walked across while being filmed as part of the "background" of the set. And I know other retirees who do the same.

Movie Extras: Acting Skills Not Necessary

The fun I'm having as a "background actor" (aka "movie extra") beats everything else I've ever done in the way of work. My eight years of background acting have challenged me to always look my best.

Kick Up Summertime & Semester Breaks with Acting Jobs

You don't have to have ambitions of making it as a big-time actor, reaching star status or giving up other dreams. Taking acting classes really isn't necessary unless it just feels good and helps build your confidence. The nice part about being a background actor (aka movie extra), whether it's for one production or several, doesn't require lifelong acting goals or formal acting classes.

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The Experiences of a Movie Extra

The following is a typical day of extra work. This was for a TV episode of "Nash Bridges," but is pretty standard for all extra work. The only difference between a TV production and a feature film is the amount of "sitting around" you do.

A Day in the Life

Acting is all about glamour, respect, limousines, and all that glittery Hollywood stuff, right? Well, not quite. Maybe when you're a star you'll get the limousines and people fawning over you, but it's a different story for the rest of us. From my own experience, here's a typical day on a film set.

What is a Casting Call?

Casting calls, also known as casting notices and actor breakdowns are notices made to the public or to casting agencies that actors are required for an upcoming production. The term can be applied widely, since anyone from a student filmmaker to a major motion picture studio can issue a casting call.

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What do Casting Directors Do?

Essentially, a casting director is the person or company that hires all of the talent in a performing arts production. Casting is always conducted pre-production and most casting directors never see the final product until release.

How to Construct an Actor's Resume

Building an Actor's Resume can be simple if done correctly and by following industry standards. Although there are no strict rules when it comes to creating a good resume, by adhering to just a few outlines you can be in a better place when it comes to finding a suitable role.

A Simple Guide to Building a Professional Actor's Resume

There are certain ways to perform when you are an actor – particular little ways of doing things that make you stand out from the crowd. It should be the same with an actor's resume. Each and every single one will be different in its content, but its needs to be consistent with the industry norm layout and structure.

Finding Time For Fitness

Auditions. Rehearsals. Long nights at home learning lines. Who has time for a workout - right? Wrong! Staying in shape and staying healthy are a vital part of any actor's regime. After all, you want to look and feel your best, right?

Developing a Pre-Performance Routine

After getting into costume and makeup, take ten minutes out to go off somewhere and meditate. Clearing your head can help you get into a role by providing a sort of "blank slate" on which to paint your character.