Movie Extra - The Easiest Road to Hollywood

Are you interested in becoming a movie extra? The steps to being movie extras are very easy and with some knowledge about movies, you can easily become a part of the glitter brigade. New York City and Los Angeles are the two big cities were most movies are made. Due to rising production costs, more Hollywood movies are being shot in San Francisco and Toronto, now-a-days. If you stay in any of these big cities, then you can easily get movie extras work.

What if you don't live in any of these cities? Well don't let that worry frown spoil your pretty face. Movies and television shows are shot on location in various cities and towns across the globe. Even if you stay in a small town, you can register yourself with an online movie extras casting service. Just search the internet for film extras casting services and you will find numerous web sites. However, be warned, most of the movie casting web sites are dubious, so make sure you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. is the only casting service online which will give beneficial results. Besides, is the premier movie extras casting web site. So register yourself to find work as a movie extra, right now!

A good start to your career as movie extra would be with small projects and then moving on to bigger and more high profile projects as you gain experience. As a movie extra your experience in the field is not a pre-requisite. Your 'look' is more important than any previous acting experience. If you are ordinary looking, you'll find that it works best! This is simply because movie extras don't need to be beautiful or slim like movie actors. Just be comfortable with your appearance.

Movie extra work demands that you have abundance of patience. Movie extras are made to do different things on a repeat basis until the movie director is convinced. Besides being patient, you will do well to inculcate the ability to follow directions, correctly! Movie shooting schedules are long and grueling, to say the least. You may be required to film for a scene for 8-12 hours at a stretch. On the other hand, depending on the nature of your extra work you may be required on the movie set for just a few minutes.

For more information about becoming a movie extra, visit is the world's leading online extras casting service. provides guides, advice, and instructions to get you started and casting notices, casting calls and auditions to keep you working.

For movie extras pay is relative. You get paid according to the nature of the role. If you are part of the background crowd, then most likely you won't be paid anything. Nevertheless, most extras get paid for their work. The standard rate is fixed for a full 12 hour day. You can earn $65 for a background extra, as a featured extra you can earn anywhere from $75-$125.

If you love movies and all the glamour associated with them, then movie extras is your type of work. Not only do you get easy money but you also get to eat great food. Many extras have gone on to become successful movie actors. So keep your eyes and ears open for the casting calls!
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