You Can be a Movie Extra

Just having the opportunity to be a movie extra for a day can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences movie fanatics can obtain. Each year hundreds of movies are made. Many people assume that these movies are only made in big cities like Los Angeles or New York. That's where so many people are wrong. It's true that many films are produced in Hollywood, CA and New York, NY, but more often than you'd think, major motion picture production companies travel around the world to shoot their films "on-location." This means that movies and TV shows are being filmed in cities, towns and neighborhoods all over the world. It's just a matter of time before a film crew rolls into a town near you.

There's absolutely no question about it - if you'd like to appear in a movie or be seen on TV, you can. No matter what type of film - action & adventure, drama, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror - all will need dozens if not hundreds of movie extras. What's so great about being a movie extra is that jobs are easy to find since looks don't matter, education doesn't matter and your age doesn't matter. In fact, anyone can be a movie extra without any acting experience. What's more, talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors and producers will always need movie extras and background performers for their productions. All you have to do is let them know you want to work.

So how do you let these filmmakers and production companies know you want to be a movie extra? There is an online service that has already helped tens of thousands of movie extras and beginning actors find jobs on great film productions. The service is and it's the most respected online extras casting company. It's simple to register with Then, once you're signed up, you'll be on your way to getting noticed and recognized by the major casting associates who are casting their productions. provides the easiest way to introduce yourself to the thousands of working casting directors, casting associates, talent agents, talent scouts, producers, directors and film industry professionals around the world.

So how does it work, you ask? It's simple. Begin by creating your personal profiles. Personal profiles are online portfolios where you can list your description, contact info, skills and abilities. You can attach a resume, headshots or multiple photos and even video clips or your acting demo reel to your profiles, too.

Then, when talent agents and casting directors are looking for someone like you or for many movie extras in or around your home town, they could find your profile within their search results. Once they have located your profile, they can then contact you directly with further casting details and audition information.

If you are not convinced yet, there's more. is not just a casting web site, it's an online acting community where you will find a wealth of acting resources, guides, instructions, tools and helpful hints. You'll find great articles that will teach you what you need to know to be a successful working movie extra. Guides for beginning actors will explain how to get your foot in the door, find acting jobs and get your career off the ground. Resume building tools, job & audition management utilities, calendars, friends lists, career networking solutions, message boards and private, secure messaging are all provided to help you make the most of your acting opportunities and keep you focused and on track to a rewarding acting career. also provides a list of photographers and photo studios along with instructions for selecting a qualified headshot photographer, and the complete listing of all SAG-AFTRA talent agents, extras casting agencies, and US film commissions along with many acting schools and colleges.

So break onto show business or the movie scene by becoming a movie extra! It's not nearly as difficult as you think. In fact, once you see just how easy it is to get working as a movie extra, you'll be mad you didn't doing anything sooner. As soon as you are ready to make your move, look no further than A few clicks and you could be in the movies.
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